Mega Love Play Demo

Mega Love
Win up to R50,000
Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, the Mega Love game might just win your heart over with its R50,000 jackpot.

Mega Love Scratchcard

Mega Love is a fun Match-3 scratch game that offers a jackpot of R50,000. All you have to do is reveal the nine symbols hidden beneath the hearts on a 3x3 grid – reveal three identical symbols to win a prize. The game is simple to play and there are 11 different prize levels in total. Follow the steps below to play Mega Love:

  1. Select your Entries: You can choose to buy one, five or 10 Mega Love scratchcards in one go, with each one costing R5.
  2. Select the ‘Buy Ticket’ love heart: You need to do this before you can reveal the symbols in the grid.
  3. Reveal the symbols in the grid: Select each of the nine love hearts to reveal the symbols hidden beneath, or select the ‘Show All’ love heart to reveal them all.
  4. Find out if you’ve won: When you win a prize, read the message on screen or check the amount in the Win box to see how much you won.

Simply repeat this process for every play – prize money will automatically be added to your balance each time you win.

Play Using Auto Bet

If you want to play multiple times, you can set up Auto Bet to continuously reveal the symbols for a specified number of games. To set it up, select the Auto Bet icon next to the Win box (it looks like a gear symbol with two arrows around it), then select how many games you want Auto Bet to run for, between 5 and 50. Hit the play symbol and the first game will start.

Auto Bet will run for the specified number of draws or until you run out of funds, but you can also update the settings to be more specific about when it should stop. Select the plus symbol next to the Auto Bet Settings and set one or more of the following options to active:

  • On a win: Set this active to stop Auto Bet the first time you win.
  • Single Win: Type a number to stop Auto Bet after you’ve won that many times.
  • Win Limit: Type a number to stop Auto Bet after you’ve won that amount of money.*
  • Loss Limit: Type a number to stop Auto Bet after you lost that amount of money.

A message will appear on screen when any of these limits are reached. You can pause Auto Bet at any time by selecting the pause symbol, or you can exit it completely and cancel any remaining Auto Bet by selecting the X symbol.

How to Win Mega Love

To win a prize on Mega Love you must reveal three matching symbols. The amount you win depends on which symbols you match and how much you bet – the game offers a jackpot of R50,000.

The order in which you match the symbols does not matter; if any three of the nine symbols are identical, you win the associated prize. When you do match three, hearts will appear around the winning symbols and a message on the screen will tell you how much money you have won. The prize amount will also be shown in the Win box below the play grid – the funds will be added straight to your balance.

Each of Mega Love’s symbols is associated with a prize multiplier, and the amount you win is a result of the relevant multiplier. For example, the multiplier for matching three flower symbols is x5, so you would win R50. Match three Cupid symbols to hit the big x10,000 multiplier.

There are 11 different prizes to win in Mega Love. You get a x10,000 return for matching three Cupid symbols, meaning you can win up to R50,000 on a single bet.

The table below shows the 11 symbols featured in the game, the prize multiplier for each, and how much you would win.

Symbol Multiplier Prize
Cupid x10,000 R50,000
Chocolate Heart x1,000 R5000
Cupcake x200 R1000
Love Heart x100 R500
Strawberry x50 R205
Red Wine x20 R100
Gift x10 R50
Flowers x5 R250
Greetings Card x4 R20
Chocolate Cake x2 R10
Pearl Ring x1 R5