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Go East B.V. (hereinafter “LOTTERYWORLD”, “we”; “us”), aims to ensure all players use in a responsible way; we want you to stay in control while enjoying our site, and to always spend within your means. Our Support Team is available 6:00 GMT – 22:00 GMT on Live Chat, and you can always email the Team to

  1. How we help you to stay in control
  2. All of the products offered on by LOTTERYWORLD should be used in a responsible manner. You should always enjoy our services while keeping within your means. Listed below are a number of options to help you stay in control:

    a. Deposit Limits

    At LotteryWorld you never run the risk of spending more money than you wish by setting yourself a Deposit Limit. Set a maximum Deposit Limit so that no matter what happens or how much fun you are having, you will never deposit more money than you can afford.

    You may set your Deposit Limit by visiting the Responsible Gambling section of your account under “My Account” section.

    If you have any questions and/or require help setting your Deposit Limit, do not hesitate in contacting our Customer Experience Team by email to

    b. Games Reality Check

    You might need a hand to manage the little things so that you can fully enjoy the big things. After all, time really does fly when you are having fun, so let us watch the clock for you with a very useful tool to maximise your fun, and minimise your frustration, with our Reality Check.

    You may set your time limit by visiting the Responsible Gambling section of your “My Account” section at any time.

    c. Temporary account suspension

       • Temporary Suspension: this “time out” option gives you the ability to suspend access to your LotteryWorld account for a predefined period of time (from 24 hours up to one month);

       • Self-Exclusion: the minimum suspension time is six months, during which you will not have any access to your LotteryWorld account or any of the services offered on the website.

    Should you wish to take a break from LotteryWorld, You can configure these options by visiting the Responsible Gambling section of My Account section.

    In addition, we would always recommend taking the time to read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to keep yourself fully informed of how the site operates.

    Finally, we would advise users to avoid shared accounts, and to take care not to assist children or young people participate in gambling activities.

  3. Protection of Minors – no underage players (18+)
  4. We take great care in the operation of our Protection of Minors policy in order to ensure that all players are over 18 years old.

    For adults that share their computers with minors, we recommend installing a parental control solution, such as Net NannyTM.

  5. Contact us
  6. You can contact us for questions regarding any of the issues above, via Live chat or e-mail to: